How’s everyone’s summer going on? Me, busy working, but will be taking a break in end June. It’s coming soon, so I’m very excited about it. So what’s new with me in the meantime? Lots of exciting things have happened! I’ll just enumerate it here: As mentioned in the previous post, I joined #CarinaPitch back Read More



Having never pitched anything before, I was quite nervous to join #CarinaPitch last April 18. But I wanted to experience it, plus I’ve been searching a home for some of my books, so I thought why not? I started preparing my pitches as early as when I’d seen the pitch post (about the time of Read More


#CarinaPitch and Proposals

Source: Some good news for all us writers out there! I just learned that Carina Press will be holding its #CarinaPitch on Twitter again this year on April 18. What is it about? Well, you get to pitch your unpublished book at an editor on Twitter and get immediate feedback! Sure, you still have to Read More


International Women’s Day

Women have come so far over the years, fighting for equality and the right to be treated not as second-class citizens but with all the rights and privileges of what is ostensibly the “first-class citizen”–the men. There’s progress, yes; the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are the latest in this years-long campaign. And yet, we still Read More



The holiday season is killing me!! Been so busy running around, buying presents, attending parties… but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world! I just love meeting up with old friends and family and catching up on everyone’s life. Hope everyone’s holidays are as busy and joyful as mine. Updates on my writing: Read More