No Holds Barred

A reader asked me, why the series name “No Holds Barred”?

If you’ve read book 1, Tempting Their Best Friend, you’ll note that No Holds Barred is the name of a club. So why not name the club Sinful or Dungeon or Blasphemy or something wicked?

Because No Holds Barred is more than the name of a club. In the series, you’ll find my characters pushing the boundaries of what they know or what’s comfortable. And this is the series tagline: What could you do or accomplish–if there were no holds barred?

Before you run with it, let me clarify that this only applies to gray areas, and not to hard, black-and-white rights and wrongs. Like, committing murder–that’s a no-no.  Adultery is wrong as well, because this involves deception and cheating and betrayal (all wrongs), but what if the spouse agreed to let another man/woman join the marriage bed?

Elizabeth, Shelli’s friend from Tempting Their Best Friend, told her: “You know we’re at No Holds Barred, right? You shouldn’t let society hold you back from what you feel is right.”

Within reason. At the very basic, this includes no harm to self and others.