Introducing: Shelli Madison (Tempting Their Best Friend)

I love this picture! I thought the artist captured Shelli perfectly–beautiful, sexy, naughty. Aside from that, she’s also graceful with good coordination, and she has the great distinction of being best friends with two hunky guys who are top dogs in the business world: Adrian Greene and Ethan Hunter.

Shelli didn’t quite know what she wanted, so she flitted around several occupations before finally going back to school and getting her accounting degree. Where her peers (people around her age) are mostly in lower management positions, she’s just getting started. However, she’s adamant about not riding on anyone’s coattails, hence, instead of working for her best friend, she got a good job on her own in the finance department of Mathison & York, Inc., a family-based, family-oriented company focusing on men’s consumer products such as razors, shampoo, soap, perfume, etc. There, she became instant good friends with her team leader, Elizabeth Wyatt.

Series: No Holds Barred
Title: Tempting Their Best Friend
Genre: Erotic Romance, LGBTQ, Contemporary Romance
Theme: Best Friends to Lovers, Menage a Trois
Main Characters: Adrian Greene, Ethan Hunter, Shelli Madison

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