Excerpt #3: Sex Symphony

We’re still writing book #4… well, see, we were at the halfway point as at end December, then…our minds got a-whirring in one of our get-togethers that turned into a brainstorming session. What happened was that we added a plot point that we didn’t know was missing, but what the 2nd half of our story needed to make it gel! So we’re back to filling in the holes first to make the story flow. Readers who love longer stories would surely love this book–it’s got sass, wicked banter, hot chemistry and hotter sex.

In the meantime, here’s another excerpt for you to enjoy from Sex Symphony:

Background: Chelsea knew Grant disliked her and thus wasn’t attracted to her.

Kyle frowned as he caught hold of her shoulders. “Chelsea, calm down. What’s the matter?”

“What’s the matter?” she shouted. “You’re what’s the matter. How dare you come waltzing into my life, cause me to have sex with total strangers and then tell me that I’m your life mate? I don’t even know you existed two weeks ago!”

“I’m sorry,” he said helplessly. “I never expected to find you here of all places either and I wanted to break the news to you slowly but things never seemed to go according to plan.” His lips twisted in a wry smile. “C’mon, Chelsea, keep an open mind. Not everything in this world could be explained by science—”

“So you’re basing your future on the whim of a violin? An inanimate object?” she stormed. “What happened to free will? What if you don’t desire the woman or the man the violin chooses for you, or vice versa? What happens then? Do you let her go or do you tie her to you against her will? And you know what?” She continued her tirade, heating to her argument. “That’s why you need the violin, isn’t it? So that both parties would want to have sex with each other, need it in fact and then you can dump the whole life mate thing on her.” A blinding realization hit her. “That’s what you did a while ago, when I wanted to leave. You played the violin and then I was so filled with lust the only thing I wanted then was to have sex with you and Grant and—”

“You’re so way off on a tangent,” Kyle said, his face white with shock. “Why would I want to do that when, as you said, I could get any woman I want?”

“How do I know?” she shot back. “You must be one of those perverts who get their kicks out of—”

“Enough!” Grant roared, striding over to stand in front of them. “There’s one way to prove your theory’s wrong.”

“What’s that?” she asked, though she didn’t want to know. She just wanted to leave, to go home, curl up on her bed and not think for a year.

“We’ll have sex again, this time without the influence of the violin.” His lips were drawn in a stern, implacable line. “If we can make you cry out in orgasm, then you have to accept that the violin doesn’t enforce its will on people. It just confirms the choice that you would’ve made, if left to your own devices.”

If Kyle had been the one to issue the challenge, she wouldn’t have risen up to it, because she knew all too well that Kyle was attracted to her. But Grant… Now that man had issues. “If you can make me cry out in orgasm.”

Grant was already shaking his head. “Oh no, you don’t.”

“Then I’m right.” She smiled triumphantly. She knew a man of integrity such as Grant would never be able to set aside his dislike of her to do anything with her, much less have intimate relations with her on a voluntary basis.

“Fine,” Grant snapped.

He managed to surprise her but she wasn’t beaten yet. “Three times.”

“What three times?”

“Three consecutive orgasms.” See if he didn’t puke by then.

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