Excerpt #2: Sex Symphony

While we’re waiting for us to finish writing Book #4 Hearts on the Line (though we’re thinking of changing the title to The Housemates — you’ll see why soon), here’s another excerpt for you to enjoy from Sex Symphony:

She had just sat down with Hannah at an empty table when Grace, one of Adrian’s junior secretaries, came puffing up. “Chelsea…there you are. Mr. Greene’s…looking for you. He wants you…to sit with him at his table.”

Damn. She didn’t think she’d be able to sneak away during the meal if that was the case.

Hannah squealed. “Oh, you lucky girl, you. You’ll get to see the guests of honor up close and personal. Tell me all about it on Monday, okay?”

“You can go in my place, if you want,” Chelsea said, half joking.

“Oh no,” Grace butted in, a concerned frown between her brows. “Mr. Greene specifically said you, Chelsea, and no one else.”

Sigh. Was she ever that young and earnest when she first started working? At times, like right now, she felt a hundred times older. Chelsea sent the younger woman a reassuring smile. “Just joking. Lead the way, Grace.” She squeezed Hannah’s arm and turned to follow Grace as they wended their way past laughing and excitedly chattering people, each step drawing her inexorably forward to the tables nearest the stage, where the bigwigs of the company and special guests were all seated. Along the way, she exchanged greetings with colleagues she came in contact with in the course of her work, and over the heads of seated people, she spotted the tall form of her boss, whose thick, brown hair gleamed under the bright yellow light of the chandelier.

He was standing, conversing with a man. Her gaze shifted to the stranger…

She sucked in a sharp breath, shocked. Her steps automatically slowed. Of all people, she never expected to see him here.

Kyle Montgomery.

Even across the short distance separating them, his face was magnetically compelling. She stared at him, riveted and for the life of her, she couldn’t tear her gaze away. He laughed, flashing white, even teeth and his casual glance flicked past her before it slowly returned and rested on her face, an arrested expression in his. The loud chattering noise and the subdued playing of the live band receded. There was nothing but this man and the web of music he was weaving around her—

“Chelsea.” Adrian’s voice broke the spell and she snapped back to the ballroom, unsurprised to find that her heart was beating fast and unnaturally loudly. “There you are. Come and meet your surprise.” He gave a hearty laugh at the startled look she threw at him. “Kyle Montgomery, violinist extraordinaire. He’s been compared to Beethoven but I’m sure you know about that, since you’re an avid fan of classical music.” He smiled fondly down at her as he laid a hand on the small of her back and she was very grateful for the support, because a fine tremor was rising from deep within her body and she didn’t know why. “Kyle, this is Chelsea White, my very capable executive assistant.”

From somewhere, Chelsea summoned a professional smile as she offered her hand. “Pleased to meet you, Mr. Montgomery.”

His grasp was warm and firm, increasing her trembling. She only hoped he wouldn’t notice it.

“Kyle, please,” he said. Something flashed in his eyes as he looked at her, before he turned and gestured to the man beside him. “Grant Thornton, a man who expresses himself fabulously in the music he creates.”

Chelsea followed the movement of Kyle Montgomery’s hand and found herself poleaxed for the second time that night. So this is the man who composes the beautiful music Kyle Montgomery plays, she thought dazedly. He’s the real genius. What’s happening to me? Is it possible to be attracted to two men at the same time?

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